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What to look for?

Your signature will appear on a specific background displayed on the right. The word you entered will be displayed where you currently see the word “Signature”.
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You may change your signature just by entering another word above and confirm it with the "update signature" button.


What does Safesigned signature do?

Safesigned signature enables immediate (on first sight) recognition of a valid Safesigned seal. All you need to do is enter the signature above and then find it on any website seal supported by SafeSigned Technology on any website on the Internet.


How does the Signed Seal work?

By entering the signature, a cookie will be saved to your computer. All websites which publish seals supported by Safesigned Technology will show your signature by reading this cookie. Fake websites (phishing, copycat) cannot read our cookie therefore they would not show the signature. So, if you see your signature with the seal, you can be completely sure you're visiting an authenticated website.

  • Note: If you clear cookies you need to come back to this website and enter a new signature.
  • Note: Your signature will appear on all Seals supported by Safesigned Technology across the Internet.
Note: We do not collect personal information. By setting your personal signature you explicitly consent with the creation of SafeSigned cookie. Read more in our technology section.